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Mangia! Mangia!

In the spirit of a traditional Trattoria, let us feed your table with market fresh specials, new season produce & recipes from our Family’s kitchen

Our options can features some off the menu dishes from today’s market

The menu is designed around shared courses accommodating any dietary requirements and preferences from the daily changing menu.

As Nonna Maria would say… Mangia! Mangia!

Mangia! Mangia! 55 p.p

(two shared courses designed around your taste)

Mangia! Dolce! 60 p.p

(for those with a sweet tooth, enjoy three shared courses including dessert)

Mangia e Vino! 75 p.p

(Two shared courses matched with wines by our Sommelier & Bar staff)

Mangia Tutto! 100 p.p

(The complete dining experience of three shared courses including dessert, a spritz to start, matching wine per course and a digestive liqueur to finish all matched by our Sommelier & Bar staff)