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(small plates)

Maria’s warmed olives- 8
(with house made grissini)

Azzurri cheese handmade Burratina- 8
(with red & yellow pepper topped with balsamic)

Rice, potato & mozzarella cheese croquettes- 8
(2 per serve)


(entree plates to share)

Nonna’s veal & pork meatballs in sugo- 15
(on a chickpea puree. 4 per serve)

Stracciatella from Azzurri cheese- 16
(with beetroot puree, confit cherry tomatoes, cucumber ribbons & mint)

Southern Italian tuna tartare- 18
(Fresh raw tuna, capers, olives, anchovies, fennel seeds, green chilli, parsley & EV olive oil)

Salumi Platter- 19
(a selection of cured meats with house pickles & grissini)

Pesce Marinato- 17
(Semolina dusted silver whiting fillets marinated in red onion, almonds, currants & fresh fennel)

Pasta della casa

(made fresh every day)

Pasta Del Giorno- market price
(Seasonal Pasta of the day)

Tagliatelle- 29
(Teresa’s house ragu slow cooked for 5 hours w/ veal & beef ossobuco, pork rib, pork & fennel sausage, tomato & oregano)

Gnocchi- 28
(with roasted white zucchini, basil, mint, pecorino cheese & pine nut pesto topped w/ crispy zucchini)

Pappardelle- 30

(with slow cooked duck, red wine, tomato & thyme ragu)


(main course)

Pesce del giorno- market price
(Market fresh fish of the day)

Bistecca Tagliata- 38
(300gm scotch fillet grilled & sliced served with mixed mushroom, thyme & white wine ragu)

Parmiggiana- 26

(Eggplant, zucchini, smoked scarmozza cheese, basil, tomato & grana padano cheese layered & baked in a tiela)

Contorni- 10

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Rocket, lemon vinaigrette, grated grana cheese & fresh almonds

Green beans, parsley, balsamic and extra virgin olive oil

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