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All’antico at home Menu

This week’s Spring Menu 28 September, 2020

Delivered to your door this Friday 2 October, 2020

All preprepared meals for 2 to share over the weekend

Price for 2 people $120 OR $150 with a bottle of wine

Includes 1 X lunch

-White zucchini filled with ricotta pistachio & herbs served with a rocket pesto & spinach tomato focaccia

& 2 dinners + sides & desserts

-Mushroom lasagna

-Radicchio pickled fennel & parmesan dressing

-Almond white chocolate & macadamia torta

Spezzatino di agnello (slow cooked lamb pieces in pinot grigio baby onions & thyme

-Braised broadbeans & peas (a traditional accompaniment to this famous Italian spring dish)

-Limoncello tiramisu

To order call 9459 8852 before 9.00pm Wednesdays and we will confirm your details and contactless delivery time on Fridays after 3.00pm

A big abbraccio to our All’antico community for their continued support